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How to wash the towel?

Author : Date : 5/14/2019 12:54:01 AM

How to wash the towel?


There are more bacteria on the towel for a period of time, mainly because the towel will have a certain humidity during the use process, and the temperature in the room is appropriate, which is the most suitable natural condition for bacteria reproduction. Cleaning towels has two main purposes: sterilization and comfort. First of all, sterilization, can be used in disinfection solution, drip soaking, and then rinse clean. 


If the towel takes longer, of course, it can be cooked in a pressure cooker for 5 minutes and sterilized thoroughly. If it is a rural child after 1980, the memory should be particularly profound. The village doctor's glass syringe, wrapped in a gauze, is boiled and sterilized in a pot every day. Therefore, it is suggested that the towel should not be used all the time, otherwise it will be damp for a long time, especially easy to continue to grow bacteria. Besides, the second purpose of cleaning towels is that the towel feels harder after a period of use because there are minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water. 


We have learned that hard water is what we call hard water. When soap is dissolved in water, it will combine with calcium and magnesium to form precipitate insoluble in water. Over time, these sediments will accumulate in the middle of the fibers, making the towels dry and hard. It can be boiled in a pot with some alkali for 10 minutes and then cleaned. There are towels will feel sticky when they are used, and they will not wash well. 


Generally, it is recommended to soak them in salt and rinse them with clear water. I don't understand the specific principle, but we do use salt in the process of towel dyeing. Technicians say that the main function is to fix the color. In the process of consumer use, hot water cooking will not fade. Except for inferior quality. It is recommended to wash the towels once a week. Family towels are healthier to use separately. From the health point of view, bamboo fiber is the best, followed by pure cotton. I've written an answer about buying towels before. I'm interested to see it.

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