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Product name : Functional sport towel microfiber cooling towel.
Item :Honestex-46
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Details :

 1.This cool towel uses advanced technology to make the towel soaked in water and dried. 
2.Cooling towels have many uses. Can be used while we are exercising, can also be used at work, can also be used as a physical cooling towel, etc.

Functional sport towel microfiber cooling towel

The cooling towel is made of microfiber material, having a strong absorbent properties. It also has the characteristics of fast drying.

There is also a very special feature of the cool towel, which is cool. It is cold when it is wet.

The towel is light in weight, small in size and easy to carry. When you go mountain climbing, hiking, travel time can take this towel. If you go to the gym in the face of adversity, or if you really like sports, you can use this cool towel.

How to use

Put the towel in the water (hot or cold water), soak the towel, then shake the towel a few times in the air, the temperature of the towel will come down.

Product Name Microfiber Sport Towel Cooling Towel
Size 30*90cm, 30*110cm, Other size can be customized
55g, 60g
Color Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Grey, Orange
Usage Sport, gym, Sick
Advantages Super absorbent, wet become cooling, Multi purpose
Sample cooling towel sample is available
Service OEM/ODM service is available
Payment T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Credict Card, ect

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