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Product name : PP disposable agricultural land cover
Item :Honestex-71
Price :

Details :

 Non-woven Fabric Applications:

 Furniture,ChemicalIndustry,Decoration Packing,Automobile,Building Material and other sevice field.

 1.Health - Hygiene

 Surgical gowns; caps; gloves; bedsheets; face masks; foot covers; diapers; curtains; pillow covers; slippers


Sleeping Bags; Tarpaulins; Tents; Artificial Leather; Bags for Rice/Sugar ect; Luggage ; Vacuum Cleaner Bags; Tea and Coffee Bags; Buff Pads; Shopping Bags.


Crop Covers; Turf Protections; Nursery Over wintering; Weed Control Fabrics; Root Bags; Containers; Capillary Matting; Other types of covers

 4.Furniture upholstery

Roofing and Tile Underlayment; Acoustical Ceilings; Insulation; house wrap; pipe wrap; sofa and mattress lining.

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